Monday, August 3, 2009

Night owl!

In recent years I have been a night owl. Many times I tried to break that habit! If I go to bed early I can wake up early and get a better start on the day. But the problem is (like tonight) when I try to go to bed on time I cannot sleep. You may have heard me say, "well Im gonna go home, do dishes and fall asleep with my computer on my chest." The thing that drives me is vision. I have so much vision for what can be. When I try to go to bed early vision passes through my mind and I am restless! I find it is easier to work until I cannot stay away. Then I just fall asleep. As usual I wake early for the kids. To much sleep in my case is futile. I know that sleep is important, but how important? I have too much to do. Vision burns in my chest. I loathe the word,"board!" A person with purpose with and vision for life can never be board! There is just to much to do for Christ! Catch vision for Christ! He has good things for you!

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