Thursday, November 13, 2008

Remote villages

I am getting a little behind in my blogs so I will try to catch up. Two days ago we traveled to a very remote village. The dirt road just kept winding and winding. Eventually we arrived. Because of the slope of the mountain rain would make it impossible to drive out that day and we would have to stay the night. We prayed for the Lord to keep back the clouds and he did. People pray for the rain in the stated and I think they are silly, but I prayed. The Lord did keep back the rain and we were able to minister. We passed out shoes, food and toys. Kent did a illustrated message for the kids. While Kent was doing that many of us hiked up to the location of the new church building. They have the property and skeleton up but no roof or concrete floor. In the mountain it rains absolutely every day so this is a necessity. Once again we could make their dreams come true for just a few hundred dollars! Praise the Lord that it didn't rain and we made it to the hotel safely. Until next time.........

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Pastor Bret said...

Wow, sounds like you all are making a big difference. When I read your blogs it made me weep with both joy and hunger to be with you all. Maybe next time I can come with you all. I am sharing your experiances with our connect group tonight!

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Blessings, Pastor Bret