Friday, November 7, 2008


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Gods grace was upon us today. The day started with us ministering in the school. (read more about it in hollys blog) This is my passion. I look forward to ministering to whole school assemblies next time we come! We don't have to invite them back at 7. We can preach the gospel right then and there! Next we spent time with Pastor Kevin when he arrived. His plane arrived early so he had to wait at the airport all by himself. He had no phone number so he just waited for hours hoping we would come. He was a good sport about it. Pastor Kevin and Kent went to perform a funeral and a birthday blessing (people got saved and touched by God at both). They always want us to encourage in the faith and preach the Gospel. Meanwhile Holly, Tori, Grace and myself were at the hotel with the pastors and workers dividing all the supplies we brought in our suitcases. These supplies will be going to the very poor churches we will be visiting soon. They say they are the poorest of the poor. They made us split everything 6 ways. Even the pills. The need is so great they cannot afford the wealth to be split uneven. Next Grace and Tori went on the streets handing out tracks and evangelizing people around our hotel. Holly and I went to a youth service to minister through preaching and drama. The passion in the youth service was unprecedented in my experiences! The power of God was so strong as we ministered. God showed up. I cannot use words to share what I saw. The students wrestled with God! Tear drops covered the floor. So much that you could have slipped on them. I cried so hard wanting to see this in the states. Why are we so lazy? It was like all my dreams and passion for Gods kingdom were already happening here. I got to see with my eyes what Spirit promises will come at home! God is awesome!  


Theresa said...

It's awesome to hear what God is doing through his servants. The USA is a big mission field but the wall is so thick to penetrate that to experience and see God's calling and surrending of his people is so encouraging. I have witnessed this overseas in South America and you just don't see it here. BTW, can someone bring back a paper money bill for my 10 yr. old's money collection (for Karla)?thanks :-)
We are praying daily for you!

Cindy Sue said...

Wow... amazing. Can't wait to hear more!

Funny story... we were waiting for Steve and Sandi to arrive this afternoon and at one point I told Allie to look out the window. She got so excited and exclaimed... "KENT!" But alas, I had to explain that he was in the Philippines with Mom and Dad... she was disappointed (so was I).

Momo and Popo arrived safely today and Isaac is so excited!

Miss you guys!