Friday, September 5, 2008

gas station

Today I had to borrow my friends truck. While I was using it I decided to get some gas for it. I didn't have the money though. All I could afford was $10.00. So I swiped my card and said to the attendant "ten please." I got back in the truck and I was overwhelmed with the feeling that I needed to fill his truck all the way up. I thought to myself, "thats alot of money, Im not gonna have gas for myself." I also thought, "I already swiped my card and I don't wanna inconvience the gas attendant. The feeling persisted. All I could think is that my friend would fill my tank in a heart beat and believe God to provide for him. "I need to do it" I thought. Just then the gas attendant says, "sir, how much did you want?" I looked at the meter and it said $17.00. I then told him to fill it up. As I drove away I felt good but wondered how I was going to make it the rest of the month with out the money. A little while later I arrived at a nice old ladys house. She was donating things to the church and I was using the truck to pick it up. After I loaded everything she handed me an envelope and said there was gas money in it. I tried to refuse but she insisted. When I looked in the envelope it was almost enough money to cover the gas I had just bought. "God, you are so faithful" I whispered quietly to the Lord. But, I know you God. You didn't pay me back all the way. You still owe me $10.00. I said that because God always pays me back. I put it in gear and started to drive away when I heard the lady yelling "wait, wait!" I stopped the truck and she came running up to the window and said, "here, I made this meatloaf for you!" As I drove away I was amazed once again at Gods faithfulness! 

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