Thursday, September 4, 2008

Where your treasure is.....

This morning while I was jogging and praying I felt free! I mean really free. Like there was nothing holding me back, no secret sin I was keeping from God. There wasn't. But yesterday was different. I really wanted to buy some software for my new computer. It just isn't in the budget and I knew it. I also knew it would be unwise to buy it, God does call us to wisdom. I insisted to God "I need it, it will help me be a better pastor, father and friend!" The truth is I could do with out it, I just wanted it. I wanted it so much I had been trying to convince God I needed it. I was willing to spend money my kids could use for clothes on this.... thing. Anyway, I so eagerly desire to give God %100 of my life. That includes not just my tithe but everything I have. I am asking God to help me ask the question, "why do I have more than I need and how can I help others with it," rather than, "why don't I have more and how can I get it?" I want to be like my Aunt Joan who doesn't make a lot of money but gives a lot away. She is wise and is using her earthly wealth to gain heavenly treasure! Joan, your my hero!

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