Friday, October 10, 2008


Tonight during worship God reminded me of some awesome things that changed my life. When the music started to play I was reminded of how I fall short of who God is calling me to be. A small voice in my head tried to tell me, "don't beat yourself up, God loves you no matter what." Then a rebellion to this voice rose up in me and said,"No, you can afford to fall short but everyone around you will pay the price." This fire rose in my heart as God challenged me to be EXTRAORDINARY! God reminded me that I don't have to be lazy and half hearted. I can be great and do great things for Him. He gives me the power to do it. Why sit back and dream all the time. Its time to get out there and be the amazing person God is always telling me I can be! So today I declare it over my life "I am going to be extraordinary today, I have the greatness of the King in me and I will be a world changer today! Its time to rise to the occasion and be the man of God that I see when I worship, to be the man God is asking me to be!"

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