Friday, October 10, 2008


I had to repent today. I sat in a worship service with my hands in my pocket. I had good motives and planned to enter in to his presence. I was just waiting for him to move me, for me to get energy, to get the distractions out of my mind etc etc. Then I realized, why don't I run to him. Why do I withhold worship from him. Why am I so controlled by the way I feel. God is God and demands my worship. Worship that is "all in". Feelings aside. Pure desire to please Him and be with Him. 
Today I am changed forever. This moment is one of the moments I will never forget. From this day forward I give my all, all the time. No more being sleepy in prayer. Today I mean business. I will worship the One who changed me, the One who saved me, the One who loves me more than I could ever love back. Today I will worship the King of Kings.

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